The Birth of the ATX Community Childcare Scholarship - and how you can support

Parents are struggling. Parents from every socioeconomic status, ethnicity, neighborhood, religion, and political orientation are struggling. Everyone is talking about the child care gap.

Time, Dissent Magazine, Fortune and groups such as Child Care Aware and Children at Risk are working to provide education and solutions to address mothers’ child care problem.

But that’s above ground - at a level many of us cannot reach.

What are we doing on the ground?


My name is Taylor Huntley. I am a Black Mother living in Austin, TX. I am a child care advocate, a self-studied herbalist, trained doula, and a program coordinator for a local nonprofit, Mama Sana Vibrant Woman. I want to provide a community-oriented solution to the child care problem for mothers here in Austin, TX. This is me making a difference.

With the help of Jalyn Gordon of Afrocommuniversity, I have created a Childcare Scholarship funded by the community for the community. I am asking friends, family, business owners, and groups to match certain commitments of funding.

Average annual child care costs in Texas are around $13,000 for center based care. Average annual costs for home-based childcare in texas is around $10,000.

Imagine being a single parent who experiences a tragic emergency such as surgery. It will be virtually impossible for you to afford childcare while battling hospital bills. Or what about a parent looking to start full-time employment but can’t afford to have someone watch her children while she tends to interviews? Let alone the upfront costs of enrolling in a childcare center (admin fees, application fees, etc.).

That’s exactly what happened to me, and this Childcare Scholarship is my solution. Join me by donating to support Austin families!

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