UNBOTHERED - Rosemary Protection Spray
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UNBOTHERED - Rosemary Protection Spray

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Rosemary Infused Protection + Energy Cleansing Spray 

**a portion of all product proceeds go to the ATX Community Childcare Scholarship. Thank you for your support!

Protecting and clearing your space is a must in 2019, period.

Use this protection spray on a daily basis. In the morning, at work and even before events and/or mommy meet-ups. It provides the perfect barrier between you and bullshit. 

It's perfect for home cleansings or blessings to raise the vibration of your space.

Kids afraid of monsters? teach them to cleanse their space, and I guarantee they'll start sleeping better as well.

Take a moment to yourself. Visualize negativity washing away and a barrier of protection formed all around you. Hold that image. Spray your self all over with Unbothered. Recite your protection affirmations as you spray.

Here are some examples of protection affirmations:

I am protected.

I am unbothered.

I am surrounded by a barrier of peace and serenity.

Negativity has no choice but to leave in my presence. 

I am intentional about the relationships I build and the boundaries I set.

I choose faith over fear.


Feel free to use these but I challenged you to come up with some of your own and recite them daily.


Contains: Distilled water, fresh rosemary, witch hazel, rosemary essential oil, frankincense essential oil, lavender essential oil 




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