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Do you suffer from Full Moon Guilt?

Social media and opinionated people can make us feel like spirituality has to look a certain way or follow a set sequence. This just isn't true! You choose how your journey looks and feels. Just because there is a full moon present, doesn't mean you have to purchase candles, specific herbs or special oils to release what no longer serves you. Yes, these are amazing spiritual tools but you don't want to let not having these tools stop you from healing or nurturing your gifts. A successful full moon ritual could be verbally releasing a limiting belief and an amazing 3 hour nap. 

When there isn't a full moon, what does your spirituality look like? 

Once we move out of the full or new moon phase, what does your spiritual routine look like? Is it non-existent? It is easy to get caught up in the world around us and feel like we are just along for the ride. Routine can support that feeling and help you slow down and check in with your body. It doesn't have to be complicated, our goal is to be intentional.

Here are some examples of how to schedule and create your spiritual routine:


- Activate your day by beginning your morning with fresh water for you and your ancestor altar. If you have an ancestor altar, you should change your water daily and provide your folks coffee or tea. This is the goal, not the standard. This is also a good time to write down anything that stands out from your dreams, sometimes those messages will make more sense later.

- Nourish your body by taking your supplements and herbal tinctures! Immune support is mandatory, I make sure to take my Elderberry tincture daily. Bite into some juicy, fresh fruit and put some on your altar as an offering. 

- Spend 15-30 minutes focusing on one thing (meditation) this could be doing the dishes, going for a walk, or sipping herbal tea. This time of quiet is a space for you to let your thought run free as they will eventually pass. Once you allow them to pass and let your mind be still, you may begin to receive messages and ancestral guidance. This can also be done at anytime of the day.

 Mid-Day Check In

 - Set an alarm on your phone that rings at the same time, daily. Take this time to check in with yourself and how your day is going. If you need a spiritual check in, divine how it aligns with your practice. The more you connect with your ancestors and spiritual guides, the easier it is to interpret messages. You can meditate, pull a card, read tea leaves, or throw some bones- just to name a few.


- Clear the energy in your bedroom. Clearing off your nightstand before bed is a great practice. Light some Rosemary or Mugwort and bless your bed. If smoke cleansing isn't for you, you can spray a smoke-less cleansing spray. My favorite is Unbothered rosemary infused energy clearing spray.  

- Writing in a dairy is a practice that is supportive to your shadow work and inner child work. Writing down how you feel, anything that came up for you during the day, what herbs you utilized or what messages you recieved. All of these pieces are very important as your develop yourself holistically. 

- Cleanse yourself. Simply taking a shower can be a ritual. Intentionally wash your body of all of the energies of the day. You can light a candle before your get in and   snuff it out when you finish your bedtime routine...we don't blow candles out, over here.

Remember, do what makes sense for you and your life. I hope these examples were helpful in crafting your schedule. Let me know what's apart of your spiritual routine! 

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