crystal care 101

   So you just got a new crystal and now you are home staring at it, taking in all of its crystalized glory...been there! Now here is the fun part, you are going to cleanse, charge and set your intentions for your crystal. As with everything, there are multiple ways to complete these task. I am going to share how I activate my crystals!


   Crystals have memory and hold energy and that is why they must be cleansed upon entering a new space. Think elements..water, earth, fire, air and spirit. Water and salt are tried and true ways to clean most crystals but you have to be careful because some crystals dissolve or face in water and some crystals can be damaged by salt. You can bury your crystals which is a great way to long as you can remember where you earthed them! I love using smoke to cleanse my crystals! You can use an herb bundle of rosemary or incense like sweetgrass or cedar. Hold your incense in the smoke and visualize it washing away and clearing the crystal. You can also fill a box with smoke and place the crystal inside.

Cleanse your crystals once a month, on the new moon is perfect!

**always practice safety with candles, lighters and smoke**


   Now that your crystal is cleansed, you want to set your intentions! Think back to when you researched this crystal. What attributes caught your eye? Open communication, abundance, self acceptance or on that now. Hold your crystal in your hand, speak life into it. You can do this out loud or you can also write them down. Get a pen and paper and write down what you want to work on with the assistance of your new gem. Place your intentions under the crystal.


   Let's activate! The last step to this process is to charge or amplify your crystal. The goal is to make sure your crystal is vibrating to its highest frequency so manifestation is maximized. You can do this by setting your crystals in the sun or moonlight, running the crystal over a flame or through rain water or meditating with your stone.

Charge your crystals once a month, on the full moon is perfect!

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